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Product Focused MedTech Research and Development

Headquartered with research and development facilities located in the downtown core of the medtech mecca that is the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area, MinnHealth develops, evaluates and deploys novel high-impact technologies in a wide variety of regulated health and medical markets. With academic and commercial collaborators spread from coast-to-coast, and everywhere in between, we aim to achieve meaningful improvements in the lives of patients.

Our researchers, developers, and engineers have decades of applied experience in medical/health product development spanning the entire life-cycle of innovation — from core idea conceptualization, basic research, prototype development, early feasibility studies, quality-controlled product specification and design, clinical trials, manufacturing setup to finally production roll-out.

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Technology Areas


cardiovascular diagnostic and therapy technologies


MinnHealth has extensive experience in the development of cardiovascular diagnostic and therapy products including angioplasty tools, an atherectomy device, various catheter-based interventional systems, guide-wire technologies, etc. Design and development expertise in these and related products includes control system design, RFID technology, integrated electro-mechanical systems, plastic injection molded parts design, micro-machined component development, the utilization of steel hypotubes, polyimides, saline flow & biocompatible lubricants, miniature nitinol frame development, and other novel techniques.

medical device technology

MinnHealth has developed and applied a wide variety of medical instrumentation and sensor technologies including specialized electrocardiographs, oximeters, activity sensors, wheelchairs, respiratory sensors and appliances, motion sensors, etc.

Vehicle and pedestrian safety systems


Product development activities at MinnHealth include a wide variety of research and development efforts intended to improve the safety of motor vehicle occupants and pedestrians. We have developed several paradigm-shifting child safety seats and smartphone technologies intended to reduce the prevalence of distracted driving.

health informatics software

MinnHealth has developed and studied a wide variety of internet, smartphone and tablet computer deployed health informatics tools/interventions supporting the novel delivery of structured therapies and health coaching for chronically ill patients.


advanced medical image processing


MinnHealth leverages specific expertise in medical image analysis and machine learning to develop advanced artificial intelligence tools for 2D/3D automated medical imaging analysis applications.

virtual reality in medicine


Research and development activities at MinnHealth include core technology to enable the delivery of mental health therapies to pediatric patients using virtual reality systems. Such technology can be used to treat anxiety, trauma, addiction, and depression-based disorders with virtual reality therapy.



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